Always Present

This is my favorite image, and has been for some time. It's an infinity sign as the ribbon and four squares, which altogether form the shape of a present. It means always present.  

Living in the present is mindfulness. It’s about focusing on what is going on right now, checking on oneself in the present, and not bringing up the past or jumping ahead to the future. It’s like checking your pulse to make sure that you’re living. More so, it is about checking your emotions to make sure that they are not getting in the way of things.

As mindfulness has become more and more popular, it has seeped into business culture, and has contributed to group dynamics and collaboration. We can all be mindful of the process and help bring colleagues back into the present, pulling them out of rabbit holes. We can better focus on higher-priority items and parking lot others. We can even meditate together and reflect on how we are feeling in the moment, or about what has been said.

That being said, living in the present - mindfulness - is something for us to aspire to and help each other out with. Like anything, it takes time, as it slowly becomes the new normal as we practice it over time. We need to be patient and supportive of each other as we get there both individually and all together. I hope to someday be there with you.